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Peninsula Bottling Co, Inc has been proudly serving and supporting our local community since 1955. We strive to give back when and where we can, and sponsoring local events and organizations is one of the best ways to do that. We are always looking for new opportunities to get involved and lend our support. If you have a need for a sponsor or simply want to learn more about our sponsorship program, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of the community.


  • We kindly ask that all donation requests be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.

  • Unfortunately, due to the large amount of requests we receive, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

  • Beverage donation selections are based on the products that are available at the time.

  • When donations have been approved, the requestor will be required to pick up the product from one of our local warehouse


Welcome to the sponsorship form! We are proud to be able to offer numerous proposals for programs, organizations, and events. We would like to participate and provide support to all the requests we receive. Please take the time to fill out the form below so that we can learn more about your organization and how we can work together. We look forward to hearing from you.



What will the donation/sponsorship be used for?
Is the organization a cusomer of our company?


Please attach any additional information

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Thanks for submitting!

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